2020 -  2021
moments is a collection of small moments I captured of my partner earlier on in our relationship. These moments of thought, joy, the mundane and pause reflect a time in out relationship when we were exploring and learning new things about each other, but had also gained comfort in just "being" with each other.
A lot of these moments may seem insignificant to some -- potentially my partner included. They mean so much to me. Media has conditioned many to chase after their "ride or die", and that a relationship without extreme highs and lows is boring and stale.
Relationships are nuanced and the intricacies should be individualized. To me, a neutral baseline is very grounding. When there are so many things in life that are uncertain, it's comforting to know I can go to my partner and just "be". We might binge watch a tv show without saying a word, we might end up in a pile of giggles. Nothing is forced. We just "are".
Exhibited in Love Languages at 1628 Ltd. in 2021.