2022 - Cincinnati, OH - DAAP - Thesis Show

come sit with me / detail shot

come sit with me / is an exploration of active love in all kinds of relationships (romantic, familial, work, platonic, situational, etc.), being an active participant in love, and the complexities involved. Love should be practiced in an everyday, sustainable manner rather than in a grand, romanticized one. While active love is the main topic of exploration, there are many subtleties involved such as vulnerability, negotiation of space, honest communication, and healthy boundaries. 
By embroidering figures into furniture and setting it up as a room in a home, my intention was to create a tender, safe, and welcoming environment for people to interact in. I welcomed people to sit in, lay on, look at, and feel the space that I created for this purpose.
My hope was for people to reflect on the current and past relationships in their lives and to think about how one can actively bring more love into those relationships. 
i like where we are but can the toes of our feet tap / tomorrow
you can rest your head on my lap / i’d like this corner to myself 
/ i need more today

come sit with me / Exhibition

These figures overlap in some areas and are distant in others. The distance is just as important as the overlap.
embroidery is a laborious and loving tool to show attention and care
to ask for vulnerability from the experiencer, I present my own
tender intimate subtleties /