i need, 16.5” x 15” x 4.5”, found pillow, yarn, 2022

i need something to hold
i need something to take me
i need someone to see me
i need space
i need to be close
i need you
i need no one
i need to see the effects of my actions
i don't know what i need
i need so much
I see interactive art as one of the most exciting ways of making art more accessible. I don't want people to look at art from afar. They can't get close and see what's everything that's happening. That's one of the reasons so many artists are put on pedestals; they're seen as doing the impossible. Every artists is a human being just like anyone else.
I want people to get close to my art -- search, feel, discover -- and absorb it. 
Feel the difference textures
Look closely at how the stitches are done
Observe the relationship between the form and your body
Once it clicks in your head that it's not impossible, doors open up and that's what making art accessible is all about.
Exhibited in Regional Connections at the Contemporary Arts Center organized by Region 90.