Elan Schwartz is an interdisciplinary artist currently pursuing a BFA at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Elan Schwartz is an interdisciplinary artist that explores intra/interpersonal relationships through a variety of media – installation, screen printing, photography, ceramics and embroidery. His relationship with his partner has been a main source of inspiration. Throughout this relationship, many emotions have risen to the surface that have made him question things about himself and his other relationships. Uncertainty, vulnerability, adoration, doubt, care, sympathy, anxiety, tenderness – these are all relatable feelings that arise not only in romantic relationships, but others as well. In his work, Schwartz shares his vulnerabilities with grace and power. His pieces reflect the possibilities of growth when being vulnerable with yourself and others.​​​​​​​